Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Sell a Second-Hand Motorcycle - Free Advise If You Want To Do It Yourself

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Selling a second-hand motorcycle is not as difficult as many people would think it is because it’s not about manipulating the buyer, it’s about how well one has presented his or her bike. For instance imagine that you are buyer and the dealer is showing you various motorcycles. It is obvious that as a buyer you will not select a bike that looks dirty or have lots of scratches on it. Therefore, it is important that being a seller you must spend some quality hours on your bike. In order to properly lube and clean it before taking it to a dealer, as a neat and tidy motorcycle will sell better in contrast to an untidy and dirty bike. You

So get the required cleaning products along with the tool kit to give your motorcycle a tidy look. You will surely get more money for your bike, if you give it a few hours before showing it to the buyers. In fact, many dealers also advise motorcycle sellers to bring neat and clean bikes if they want good money for their two wheeler. However, one must also make sure that their bike should not be over modified as it will not sell well because it is not necessarily what seems cool to you should also look great to buyers as well. More importantly, sellers usually do not get extra money for installing an exhaust or other accessories in their bike.

Therefore, it is recommended that sellers should take such accessories off their bikes and sell them separately on eBay or any other online store like it. After tidying and taking accessories off your bike, now it’s time for a seller to decide a price for their motorcycle. For this purpose they need to check various websites over internet where people list their second-hand bikes for sale. The surfing over internet will let the seller decide a price for their bike. Make sure that you must not lie about the condition of your motorcycle because not only it will annoy the buyers when they will see the bike, but also give your two wheeler a negative publicity over internet in the form of negative comments.

Therefore, a motorcycle seller should not mention his or her bike’s condition as immaculate, if it is not. Moreover, if you are demanding extra bucks for your bike as compared to a similar bike then, it is necessary that you should mention a solid reason. Also, one must show some flexibility when engaged in bargaining with the buyers because a few bucks off will help a seller seize the deal.

But if you are still unsure of bringing strangers to your home or possible insurance or legal implications, then visit a consignment dealer and let them sell it for you. They may be able to get more for your bike and remove all liabilities as well. That may be the better deal.

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