Monday, May 13, 2013


THE WAGES OF SIN  by Rand Rasmussen

Most mechanics regard the use of aftermarket (AM) parts as a sin. And I understand their philosophy; they frequently have to spend many-an-hour undoing aftermarket “improvements” owners have inflicted on their innocent machines, and they are thus automatically suspicious of the aftermarket. Of course, some “aftermarket” parts are not aftermarket at all, having been 
purchased by vendors from the very manufacturers the company contracts to make their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Many aftermarket parts are fine, and sometimes they even result in an improvement over OEM-as in the case of my aftermarket charging system. Other times, though, the sin of the aftermarket has come back to haunt me. My most recent misguided use of an aftermarket part was an inferior rear main seal (RMS) purchased overseas from a big parts-store instead of from a trusted dealer. Here are the wages of my aftermarket sins.  Read More

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