Saturday, December 8, 2012

Honda NC700

I saw my first NC700 at a local dealership yesterday. Very good looking in person. Comfortable to sit on, with terrific ergos. Speaking with the guy that just came back from a test ride, and he was all smiles.

So I asked the salesman if they were bringing in the automatic? "Oh, no" he said. "Nobody ever buys automatics. We're not going to have any."

"Too bad, was my reply, because that is exactly what my wife is looking for. She wants a sharp bike that's easy for her to ride."

He replied that they could get one for me. Sure, but I think she would want to test ride before she committed. So he gave me his card and said call me. (What the heck?) He didn't ask my name or get my phone number. Who is selling to who, I wondered.

Honda may not sell too many of the automatics. Not because it's a bad bike, but because dealer's -

(1) have poor attitudes about it, and
(2) the Honda dealer sales staff (in our town) is so poorly trained they don't know what to do when someone says they want to buy a bike.

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