Saturday, December 8, 2012

Can You Repair a Tire on the Road? Or How Would You Deal With This?

Recently, while staging up with some fellow riders for an afternoon ride, an unfortunate H-D rider pulled in with his rear tire going flat. He looked forlorn and his girlfriend was clearly upset.

I reached into the emergency kit of my BMW and offered him the use of the tire repair tools. Thanking me, he pushed his bike to the nearest gas station so he could use the air hose.

He came back an hour later, dirty and disheveled, complaining the tire repair kit was fubar and didn't help at all. I looked to see all the cartridges used up (what, no air hose?), the patches torn and the reamer bent. He said the patches were too big and he couldn't make them fit. "So, I see", I said. Not offering anything for my spent repair kit, he mumbled how disappointed he was in a few non-repeatable words and left.

I guess it was my bad that I assumed he knew how to use the tire repair tools and never asked him if he did. Maybe I'm being moralistic, but shouldn't he have offered a better "Thank You?"  I wonder if it were a "tribal" thing. (H-D vs. BMW)

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