Monday, October 29, 2012

Favorite Rides - Yamaha RZ 350

It is a minor moto-travesty that today’s younger generation of motorcyclists can’t experience the unique thrills of riding a powerful two-stroke road bike. Due to ever more stringent emissions standards, two-strokes were largely exiled from the
American marketplace by 1980—save for one great resurgence in 1984, when Yamaha unleashed its surprisingly capable RZ350 into the anxiously awaiting hands of wannabe club racers across the US. The RZ represents one of the more serious post-1980 attempts by a major manufacturer to bring two-stroke motorcycles back into viability in the US, and it had many technologically advanced features to help achieve this. Read More >>>

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  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    I was riding a 1980 YZ 80cc when these were more popular. So even at the age of 13 with my yellow YZ80 the RZ350 was what a young boy day dreamed about.

    Its still a hot bike, and when I started attending track days in 2005 I would have loved to have one. My track days started with a 91' FZR 600 which is also a hot bike, I can honestly say I was able to push this bike to the limits and loved every minute of it...however after consistently dragging the pipe in turns on the track, I decided it was time to upgrade to an 06 GSXR 600, which dropped my lap times from 2:14 to 2:10 at Thunder Hill Race Track in CA.

    I miss my FZR and hope to one day own a bumblebee RZ350.