Friday, August 10, 2012

Yet Another Day...

One late afternoon, coming out of Litchfield, MN the sun was setting and I still had my tinted face shield on. Suddenly I saw a herd of deer on the road, with huge doe standing directly in front of me. I freaked, she was so close! I jerked the front brake and stamped the rear pedal. The BMW 1100GS shuddered violently as I attempted a full stop from highway speed (fast) and the ABS struggled to make it work. And then, just as quickly, everything was still. The bike had stopped less than 3 feet from the deer. She was still standing there looking at me. And the engine was pinging off the rev limiter as I had also pulled the clutch in, but not let go of the throttle. Strange moment. But glad to have not hit her.

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