Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Day.....

A short jaunt turned into an evening cruise thru the lake country. As the sun set, the deer came out. Try to stay alert in those conditions as deer are unpredictable. What's your deer strategy?

A big buck appeared by the edge of the road and seemed to be waiting for traffic. As I approached, he started to cross. We were soon in the same lane and I was on the brakes. But not hard. I started judging his time to cross and only applied enough brake to slow and allow the time he needed. I didn't swerve, or panic brake.....just zoomed right behind him.

In the next moment after, I thought...that wasn't too smart. What if he would have stopped, changed course, doubled back? Any number of things and it would have ended badly. A little shook, and still about an hour out from home, I was on the horn every time I saw another deer, warning them off the road. The BMW has a big horn set and they really bolt when I hit the button.

What's your deer story? How'd you handle it?

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